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I sure love the Make Code Button. That button is more elusive then the Make Art Button. (the Make Art buttons is a discussion for another post though.) So, what am I talking about? When you can click through a couple prompts and you have code (or art) you can use. Most of the time I do not like the "Make Code" or "Make Art" buttons because the outcome usually comes short to impressing me. Not so with Layout-o-Matic and List-o-matic. Both of these tools create nice code. Layout-o-Matic even will include a version of the box model hack for you. List-o-Matic is a bit more involved, it churns out a list, but then offers up some CSS to make horizontal or vertical navigation menus out of that list. The List-o-Matic was based on the Listamatic site, which has a link to a List-o-Rama Dreamweaver extention that does what List-o-Matic does in DW. You got that? I love it when the Make Code button not only does the job, but does it well.

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