Macromedia Offers Assistance for IE Changes

Macromedia has launched what they call Active Content Development Center which has a lot of information about the changes to Internet Exploder. And as much as we (myself in particular) don't like Exploder, the majority of Web users use Exploder. This new site offers a lot, including a great overview (Flash) of the changes as well as a great audio presentation (Flash).

My solution is to not use Exploder, that fixes this issue, I only with it were that simple. Macromedia offers a JavaScript solution that is fairly easy to implement. Leave it to Microsoft to make more work for web developers.

Macromedia also offers Active Content Update Utilities, in the form of a command line utility, visual update utility, and web server module (for IIS 5.5 and 6, and Apache 2). It is a shame there is no module for Apache 1.3.x but as I have read the module architecture for Apache 2 offers a lot more then that of Apache 1.3.x, so I am not surprised that this module is not available for Apache 1.3.x. (These tools are not available yet, November what they are shooting for.)

Macromedia offers these tools under an open-source license and will offer support for them.

It is really nice that Macromedia put this together.

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