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Microsoft on Tuesday released what it called "modest changes" to Windows and Internet Explorer as a result of the patent suit brought against it by Eolas Technologies.
Source: C|Net But that is not enough I guess...
Eolas Technologies has filed a motion to permanently enjoin Microsoft's distribution of its Internet Explorer browser amid a flurry of court filings by both sides in the pivotal patent infringement case.
Source: C|Net I think this has all gone a bit to far, don't you? The new IE solution is pathetic, I tried it myself. Every time an object, such as Flash, loads, you get a popup dialog that you need to click OK to. Not only that but that is for EVERY Flash object on the page. Oh, and those objects are not cached at all, so if (when) you go back to a page, you need to click OK once more. The solution is obvious, don't use IE. It does not matter what the licensing fees are, Microsoft should pay them. It would be worth it for M$. I would bet they are paying more in legal fees as it is. You can read my other posts about this topic here and here. Interestingly enough Apple has a way, posted on the developer site, to use a javascript to externally load QuickTime objects. This work around could work for other plug-in based technologies as well. I cannot find the link but I will post it when I do (This was discussed on today's The Screen Savers). I think they may have been talking about this page, which is really old news, this came out because of WMP hijacking QuickTime content. Though it does get past the "new" IE dialog boxes.

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