OGG Support in iTunes

iTunes doesn't support Ogg out-of-the-box, but it's really easy to add support for it, since iTunes uses Quicktime. Just go to QuickTime Components page and download either the Windows, Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X version. I have no OGG files, nor do I really have time to test this out. Neil tried this out and said it is a "less then utopian" experience.
The reality is somewhat less than utopian - while it does indeed work as advertised, be prepared for iTunes to hang for 10-15 seconds before playing each Ogg Vorbis file, during which time the program is completely unresponsive and CPU usage shoots up to 100%. You also cannot get tag data for an Ogg file while it is playing, unless you want to endure that pause.
Source: Neil's World Maybe the project will get updated, maybe Apple will add support in future versions of both iTunes and the iPod. I really doubt that, but its worth a maybe. My suggestion is to just convert your OGG library to MP3. It can't be hard to find a program that would batch convert them.

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OGG is a better format than MP3. Therefore, advising such a conversion is a bit ridiculous, IMHO.


Well then convert them to AAC, which is about the same and works with Itunes and Ipod... Hopefully apple will add support soon.


I downloaded the latest quicktime component and I am not seeing the same problems that Neil indicates. Maybe it is my system and server. Try a newer quicktime component release.

PC - 2.4Ghz, 2gb DDR400 RAM, 250GB/WD hd, audigy 2 ZS sound card, 100Mbps network
Server - 270 GB - RAID 5, dual PII 400mhz, 1GB RAM, 100Mbps network


the program to use for batch conversion is called cDex. Very useful program to have


Wow - batch converting OGG to MP3 is such a bad idea. Converting between two lossy formats will almost invariable degrade quality noticeably.

Yea but its, like, so cool to have OGG files in iTunes, like, duh!

I for one do not see the point of having OGG in iTunes, the iPod doesn't support OGG, and that is the entire reason you are using iTunes, right?

But you are correct, transcoding from one codec to another is really a bad idea. But that doesn't stop people from doing it!


I would not reccomend transcoding your OGG files to mp3, aac, or any other format. Though mp3 is the worst, cross-converting will always cause serious quality loss, when listened to carefully. You will get artifacts (blips and scratching noises not orignallly in the track) and the file size will increase if you attempt to retain some quality.

Ditch Itunes for now, or if you must use it (i can understand, it's a great player. keep a backup of all your ogg files so you can return to them when you need to)

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