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The ESPN show is great! You want to know something? Sex sells. It does not matter if it is homosexual or not. As a matter of fact, homosexuality sells a lot more then heterosexuality these days. I think we have seen this in recent history, from "Ellen" to "Queer Eye for a Strait Guy." Hey Paul Tagliabue (and the rest of the NFL) this is entertainment! Take a chill. Say this with me: This show isn't based on reality. This show isn't based on reality. I am a bit surprised that the NFL is reacting like this. Are dramas about the police always drawn in a good light? If ESPN pulls the plug on a second season on it will be because of the NFL. And if the NFL pushes for that, I think some people need to grow up and distinguish the drama from the reality. Here is a quote from Paul Tagliabue, "a gross characterization of our sport." Excuse me? Do you want to talk about character? How about Rae Carruth being convicted of murder? Now that is character, or, well, lack thereof. I thought this was a drama, is a Soap Opera for men (imagine that). So, a more accurate statement would be "a gross dramatization of our sport." That might be true, truer than one might expect. But this is TV, and like Hollywood, there are exaggerations. Lets start with the gay player, Thad, who happens to be the best player on the team. Throughout the previous episodes all the other players profess that Thad is the center to the team. But he's gay. There are some other situations that are addressed in this show. How about Demitrius Harris? He is a drug addict. He lies to the cops about a murder. How about Leon Taylor? He beats his wife! And the quarterback is a womanizer, he has the trainer take care of his girlfriend's abortion. But beating your wife and getting pulled over with cocaine and covering up for a murder are far worse then a player being gay. Or is it? I could go on to the other more fleshed out characters in this soap. There are many other situations being discussed in . But I think the gay issue is paramount, and it has been building the last 4 or so episodes to tonight's well written climax. The NFL and the AWSM (Association for Women in Sports Media) need to chill. This is a drama. It is entertainment. I also happens that they are tackling some rather real world situations. This show being on ESPN does not hurt either. I am waiting to see Boomer though. Using personalities like Jim Rome ("Rome is Burning"), Thea Andrews ("Cold Pizza") and the ESPN brand is the glue that makes this show stick. Next episode has Snoop Dogg in it. Now who is going to watch next Tuesday? I am. ESPN, just like any other broadcasting company, is out to make money. It just happens that ESPN is the one and only station that has the resources from the sports news world to make a sports drama work. Lighten up, don't get your jock straps in a bunch. is not the first show to not accurately depict sports. If it did, it would not be entertaining and it would not sell. But tell me something: Do you tune into more fictional or non fictional TV and movies? I went Googling: Popular '' hasn't won over NFL '' under fire Women's sports media group protests `' Message to the NFL: lighten up! Also posted at BlogCritics.

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great stuff, ken!! maybe i'll actually have to watch ESPN sometime!

Gay or not I'm in love with Daniel Petronijevic's character (Thad Guerwitcz).

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