The Panther Roars (in Pain)

"The failure to back up my iBook before a major overhaul like Panther is a nitwit mistake, one paid for by a weekend's worth of troubleshooting -- most of it blind blundering about -- trying to fix it. Luckily, Panther was eventually installed and the files saved. And, I'm delighted to say, so far it's been worth all the pain it caused." Source: WIRED

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it's always good to back up. thats what my 250gb external is for. i can't wait to get my copy of panther. RAWR!

Yea, I think the poor guy noticed that just a little too late tho.

I just bought a 250 GB FW drive myself, though I am told it will not ship until mid-November :sad:


However, this does show that no matter what OS you use, it's going to give you problems if you don't take precautions. :)

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