Web patent critics spotlight old technology

Here is more info on the Eolas' patent suit against Microsoft.
The Web community is rummaging desperately through dusty technology archives, in a bid to overturn a sweeping patent verdict that could force major changes on the Internet's most popular software products. Companies and standards bodies are hoping to unearth technology that predates the patent and performs essentially the same functions--a legal concept known as "prior art."
Source: C|Net Frankly, I think this suit for Eolas is a bit of a joke. The only reason Eolas is going after this is because they can, because Microsoft is a big target. What M$ has had to do to IE 6 is pathetic, it is a major annoyance to the web browsing experience. And this time M$ is not to blame, its Eolas' falt. I understand intellectual property, but this is 2003, for how many years has the entire world used technology that is under fire here in this suit? Wouldn't you bring this up, say in 1995? I hope that some "prior art" can be found in this case.


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