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As I stated earlier, the Adobe CS Suite does not come with the printed manuals. All you get are the PDF's of them. I find this a major drawback, and do not understand why Adobe has done this. I bought, not too long ago, the Adobe Design Collection, and it had the printed manuals included. the Adobe CS Suite costs the same (give or take $100) and you do not get the printed manuals. You can however buy the manuals from the Adobe Store. For the Standard CS Suite, they cost $49.99. Add $10 for the Premium Suite. With shipping etc, added it cost me $67.30. This was worth it. Even if I had to pay for the CS upgrade, I would be saying it is worth it. Having product manuals is like having health insurance. You hope you don't need it, but are really glad when you have to rely on it. I have already gone through the 'New Features' sections, and am really liking the new 3D transform tools in Illustrator CS. The amount of control over lighting is very nice. This feature in itself is enough to get the new Illustrator. Being able to do 3D text without using Maya, Lightwave, etc, is a really nice thing. While the CS manuals do come in PDF format, I burn my retina out enough as it is, I like having the printed manuals. (And no I don't want to get comb bound manuals that I can make myself). The books are a little smaller this time, but with all the new features in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, I like reading about all the new things from the source, and a lot of times this is better then paying $50 or so per app for a 3rd party book.

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Comb bound... nice... :-D

HA HA, Brandon you know about that all to well, don't you! I still can't believe you made copies of that FCP 2 manual. :-P

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