AppleCare now available for the iPod

Apple's highly recommended AppleCare premium warranty service is now available for the iPod. The plan is priced at US$59 for two years of protection. One caveat, however: "The AppleCare Protection Plan cannot be sold to consumers residing in Florida. 'Consumers' are persons who use their computers primarily for personal, family, or household purposes."
Source: MacFixIt Those darn Floridians! What were they thinking? Yea, that makes a lot of sense Apple.

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I have connected my 20GB ipod windows asked for update, I downloaded the update files, and installed, while installation is going on the machine hang after i reset the machine the ipod doesn't reganized by pc pls suggest me what to do.

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It sounds to me like you need to perform a hard reset on your iPod. This is a very well documented fix for Windows users. Give it a try, best of luck!

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