iChat is Annoying Me

When I quit iChat, I want to quit iChat. I do not want to be asked if I am sure (if I have an open chat window open). Even if the open chat window was with someone who is no longer online, you are still asked if you are sure you want to quit. Why, oh why, is there no preference to turn this off? If you want to send feedback to Apple on iChat, please do. If enough people complain, things usually get changed. I am back to using Fire. I only open iChat up if I want to use the A/V capabilities. I hope in a future version of iChat that there is a view chat log feature. This is something that is in Fire, and is nice to be contained inside the application. For now there are some nice alternatives for iChat, but that is not good enough for me. When I quit Fire, it quits. I like that feature.

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Brandon Suman:

It's a simple matter of hitting command-Q, then quickly brushing by the ol' "enter" key to lock it in. Personally, I do try to accidentally quit iChat on a regular basis (I reach for command-W but miss and hit "Q.") Now, maybe it should be turn-offable, perhaps it should be bypassable by adding, say, "control" to the key combo- but I'm not going to quit using iChat because it doesn't quit on the first keystroke. If you're that upset about it, use the fast force-quit instead (command-option-shift-escape) instead. It won't hurt anything, unless you wanted to save your conversations.

I Think you are missing the point here Brandon. I do not use iChat because Fire is a far superior IM client, even for ONE protical, not to mention I can kill more birds with one stone andn use ALL the IM proticals in it.

The fact that I have to hit 'quit' then 'enter' annoys me enough to rant about it. but that is not the only reason i use Fire. For one it has integrated chat history.

I guess I could do a comparison of features.

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