Internet Preferences in Panther

Where are Internet Preferences? Several users have noticed that the Internet Preferences pane in System Preferences no longer exists in Mac OS X 10.3. In order to set a different browser application, you will have to open Safari and go to the "General" pane in the application preferences. In order to set a different mail application, you will have to open Apple's and go to the same "General" pane in menu Mail > Preferences. Does this not sound like a Microsoft thing to do? I mean M$ had to add the ability to change the defaults in SP1 of XP. What if I want to use Mozilla for my default web browser? I have to open Safari to change that preference. What if I decide I want to use Mail Smith for Entourage for email? I have to go into Mail to change that preferences. These settings were in the correct spot in Jaguar, in the System Preferences. They need to return.

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Hope Carter:

How may I set internet preferences in Panther?

Is this really comment spam? Re-read this post slowly. I spell it out for you. You could always download and install RCDefaultApp which is more elegant solution to this Panther problem.

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