Introducing! Mary Beth Eastman is a geek gurl I met in college at The BG News. She finally decided to give up Blogger and go to Movable Type. And who better to host her blogs then an old college friend. MB loves Mountain Dew and rolling her own cigarettes with Zig Zag Tobacco. She has an eMac and can be considered dangerous with HTML :-P. Be sure and check out her Supafine! blog and her Geek Blog! On a related note, this is the 3rd Movable Type site I have put together, and I need to put Breaking Windows together similar to this one. Even the 210 West site install is loads better then my Breaking Windows site. Oh well, we learn. I am still working on tweaking MB's site, adding things here and there, but all in all it is a done deal. BTW, if you want a host for your Movable Type blog, I am a low cost host :-D.


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Let me just say that Ken is an awesome mentor, host, and CMS support guy. I never could have done it without you!!

How do you get on with the MT licence? I figure I am safe so far (four blogs on one site) because there is no charge (they are family blogs). Some dude has recently asked me about hosting and I am unsure of my ground as regards the MT licence. Any hints appreciated.

Ahh, someone else who has looked into MT Licensing. Both Mina and Anil have said they are "working" on changing their licensing. It has been a while, and nothing has changed.

If you do not know, you cannot sell MT support.

I am charging for email, file space, and bandwidth. Not to mention the other features my reseller account gives a client, such as mailing lists. MT install and support I provide free of charge, since this is against the MT License Agreement.

I have been meaning to post about this very point, i might get to it sometime.

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