Lacie Porshe 250 GB Hard Drive

porsche_hd_rt.jpgI cannot believe the price drop on Firewire drives. A few months back we bought 120 GB drives for work from OWC for, I think, $250. This 250 GB drive cost $290. But thats how these things work in the computer world. This is by far the smallest full sized Firewire enclosure I have seen. The (approximate) dimensions are 7.25 x 4.25 x 1.25. It is a lot smaller then the OWC drives we use at work. "Designed by the world-famous Porsche Design Agency GmbH." Yea, whatever, its a gray case. I can't get over the form factor though, it is very nice. It matches my PowerBook G4 too :-D. Now I have one place to store my MP3 collection! That is so nice. I can now schedule more things to be backed up, not to mention Apple System Restore (ASR) images of my main drive, and still have room to grow. I formatted it as 'MS DOS File System' with the Panther Disk Utility. I did this so I could hook it up to my PC or any PC that I want to, for that matter. The only problem with using this formatting is the fact that it does not like special characters like HFS+ does, and it seems to have some issues with some icons. Think how many MP3 files have quotation marks, or question marks in them! Thank god for A Better Finder Rename (which coincidentally just came out with a great beta for OS X) to replace all those characters in the file names. Otherwise that job would be very very long and boring. But back to the drive, this is the best looking Firewire drives I have seen, hands down.

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