Matrix Revolutions Review

No sequel can compare to the original 1999 masterpiece that is The Matrix. I don't want to spoil the ending of this well written piece of popular culture, so I am not going to go into any concrete details. Matrix Reloaded was a disappointment to some, and some people will not be happy with Revolutions for the simple reason that they did not like Reloaded. I was one of the few that enjoyed Reloaded, even though it was a bit thick on the philosophical parts. (If you really want to, check out Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix, I found it a good read). If for nothing else people swarmed to see Revolutions for closure. We find out what happens to Neo and Trinity, and the rest of the gang. I guess that is why it made 209 Mil. in its international box office opening. That or people were actually looking forward to seeing it for the great movie it was. Revolutions tied up and answered a lot of loose ends left a fray from as far back as the original movie. It is nice to see the story come full circle so well on so many things. I think when you watch these 3 flicks back to back to back you will see what I mean. I watched The Matrix and Matrix Reloaded on DVD before I went to the theater to see Revolutions, didn't you? :-P I thought that Revolutions was cut a lot better then Reloaded. Reloaded had some scenes that went on forever, the pacing of Revolutions was better. The battle scenes and the machine city were very impressive. Very nice amination. Did you notice the heavy overtone of classical music in Revolutions? It was hardly there in The Matrix, and then was stronger in Reloaded, but Revolutions had massive amounts of very electric classical tracks (the Neo - Smith fight, for example). I don't think this is a bad thing, I think it is quite the opposite. While I liked hearing Rage, Prodigy, Rammstein, Rob Zombie etc, in the first flick, the original score is more powerful, especially considering the underlying concepts and philosophy of The Matrix trilogy. I think the popular soundtrack was used to get wider exposure, but look at what they did with the 3rd soundtrack. I would score Revolutions above Reloaded, but without the middle chapter, Revolutions does not make much sense. Revolutions is a very well done ending to a great story. But then I am just a geek that is infatuated with the world of The Matrix. If you did not get a chance to play the Enter The Matrix video game, then you should. You would have gotten much more out of Revolutions if you played through the video game. For one, it introduces the changed Oracle (for those who do not know, Gloria Foster died just after the shooting of Reloaded, so the story had to be modified a little, and a new actress had to be cast.) The video game did a great job of bringing The Animatrix and Reloaded together as well. Enter The Matrix fleshed everything out nicely for those of us that wanted more. It will be interesting to see if/when something compares to The Matrix experience. Three movies, The Animatrix anime and the Enter The Matrix video game are all tied together so well. It makes for a very fun experience. The only thing I was hoping for in Revolutions was big surprises. There were none. Everything was obvious, or it had already been implied by the first 2 movies. But nothing is perfect, and Revolutions was well worth the price of admission. Also posted at BlogCritics.

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