MS DOS Format + Jaguar

I still boot into Jaguar (10.2.8) to sync my Tungsten T3 (which I am actually having problems doing again) and I noticed something: my Lacie Firewire drive does not show up. Indeed if I go into Disk Utility in Jaguar it is grayed out. It finds the drive but cannot mount the volume. It knows it is MS DOS File System, but thats about it. Major bummer! Why? I find that OS 9.2.2 mounts the drive just fine. Interesting. Not another thing that OS 9 can do, and OS X could not do! Shocking. I really don't see why Jaguar cannot mount this drive formatted as MS DOS, but there are a number of mysteries about OS X that I still do not understand. This really does not effect me as I am running Panther, but if I take this drive to say my dad's house, he needs to be running Panther (or OS 9, but who does that anyway) to be able to see the drive. I have a OWC firewire HD that I Formatted on a PC, and Jaguar can mount that drive just fine. So there is something different about the "MS DOS File System" formatting option in the Panther Disk Utility. I tried finding more info about this at the Macworld Forums, but found no solid answers. I will try to find out more info on this on other boards, like MacOSXHints Forum among other places.

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Ken, is it formatted in NTFS format? Jaguar doesn't read NTFS format, but Panther does.

Panther will read the FAT32 format, which is probably what your OTHER MS-DOS volume is formatted in.

Eric's right. Welcome to the wonderful world of "DOS"-based disk formatting.

I asked the people at the Macworld Forums if the new Panther Disk Utility formatted as FAT 32 or NTFS (and got no definitive answers). I know Panther can READ an NTFS drive, but I doubt (read: do not knwo) it actually will format NTFS.

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