My Dead PC's Hard Drive

In our earlier episode we found out that my PC is dead. It took me a while since I have been so busy lately, but I finally got the data I needed off the HD of my PC. As I stated earlier Alienware will not backup data for you, even for a fee. I would have paid for it too, as it is a convenience. After all, the stuff I need is in my My Documents folder. I first though of going to Best Buy or some similar place to get my files resurrected. Then I thought, why not attach it to the IDE chain of the G4 at work. Then my dad had a much better, and less painful option. Put the IDE drive in a FireWire enclosure. This worked very well, as we have a number of full sized Firewire drives at work. Opening the OWC drive case and taking the existing drive out was pretty easy. Getting the drive closed again was a little more work. In little time I had all my important data that was on my PC's HD. Now it is time to send it in to Alienware, which I will be doing this week.

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