My New Game Cube

About 6 months ago I sold my Game Cube (GC) and Xbox, because I was not playing them. Now half a year later I should have never sold my GC, because I just bought another one. As I stated earlier, Wal-Mart (which my brother likes to refer to as the Nazi Regime) had a one day sale on Game Cubes on Black Friday. I could have gotten a used one at the local game store, but it would not have come with the Zelda Collectors Edition for $80. See folks, I still have not grown up, I still love video games. And this Zelda Collectors Edition disc has 4 great Zelda games all in one package. This is a little bit of nostalgia here, you get The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask. You also get a playable demo of wind waker, which has had me frothing at the mouth over the its cell shaded goodness. I am gonna have to get wind waker now, it looks beautiful! I remember playing Zelda I and II back in the day, but never played completely through Ocarina. And I have never even touched Majora's Mask, so this is a great disc, and it was free with the GC! So why did I get a GC again? For the games! I can't wait to play Viewtiful Joe, Rogue Squadron III, Zelda wind waker...

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Spoiled little bitch ;-D

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