Palm Problem in Panther Persists - Fixed

I am (now) a very happy camper. I just got off the phone with a level 2 tech. from Palm. They are now saying that Palm Desktop and HotSync will work in Panther. Earlier reports on MacFixIt stated otherwise. This tech. (Barbara D.) stated that just recently (last few days) Palm now officially supports Panther! First she had me update to the latest version of Stuffit, 8.0.1. Then she had me download this file from Aladdin's Tech site. Dropping the Palm Desktop 4.1 installer onto this applet fixes some permissions. I then installed PD 4.1 and tried to sync. No go. Then she asked if I have a Palm keyboard. Well yes I do. This is the root of my problems. Here is the lesson folks: You have to disable the keyboard, and do a soft reset, before you sync to a Mac. This problem does not exist on the PC. I was told that the Palm does not communicate fast enough with the Mac. Whatever that means, I do not care, because now I can sync, and I can do it in Panther! I am very happy with Palm Tech. support, but then I always have been.

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Thanks for sharing this information - it has fixed my Palm sync problem as well! I have only just got a Mac for the first time (a committed Windows user), so the sync problem was particularly frustrating.


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