Server CD-RW Drive is Dead

Major Bummer! We use the CD-RW on the server to archive the newspaper every week, not to mention the other publications, and Unigraphics files. I think one or two of the teeth on the disc that is used to retract the CD tray are broken. Because this is a File and Print server, I knew I would have to wait until a break when we could actually turn the machine off. This morning (this was originally written weeks ago) I get a call (I usually take Wednesday off to do other work) about both Production and Unigraphics having problems saving files. After I get into work I found out what happened. A University IT tech came over to replace the broken CD-RW. He just restarted the server. Not telling anyone. First, he could not shut it down because he did not know my admin password (ITS never asked, nor asked the best time to show up). Secondly, this ITS tech has to have some type of sensibility in the fact that this is a file server, I mean I noted that when I called to get the drive fixed. Thirdly, they brought a CD-ROM when I said I needed a CD-RW. Apparently they did not read the ticket i submitted. Sometimes I wonder who they hire over at ITS. Most of the people I have worked with at ITS have been on the ball, but not this time, thats for sure. Most all of Student Publications is still using OS 9. When a file server drops off the network, a lot of times it is required to restart the computer to be able to connect to the server again. So, besides the fact that a lot of people lost work, no one has listened to my "1st step of troubleshooting" speech. For those who do not know, that would be "Restart!" I called ITS, let them know we need a CD-RW, told them my admin password so they could actually shut the machine down this time, and told them they need to tell everyone in Student Publications before they shut the server down. To their credit, when they come to install the CD-RW, (I again was not in the office) they tell the one person about shutting down the server that will not let everyone else know. I am talking about the "Oh, OK" type person. So again I get angry phone calls, again I have to tell them to restart and that they lost what they were working on. And again it is (obviously) my fault. And there is nothing I can do at this point. Blaming ITS is like blaming a brick wall, and frankly, we have had our share of ITS snafus at Student Publications over the years. The reason they could not wait until a break in classes is because they need to send the bad CD-RW drive back to Apple so that BGSU does not have to pay for it. I did not learn about this fact until after the replacement CD-RW was installed. Had I known this at the get go, I would have them hold the ticket until Christmas break. After all I have other computers that have burners in them (and had been using another machine for about a month anyways). This is what I refer to as NO COMMUNICATION and is not uncommon, unfortunately. And in the age of email and cell phones, I cannot except no communication. On the bright side of this rant, we did get a CD-RW that was twice the speed of the original one we had. So in that respect it worked out very well. It was the path getting here that was a bit muddy. More times then not, that is how things work with ITS.


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