Tungsten T3 Screen Protector

The Tungsten T3's screen is a wee bit bigger then the Tungsten T/T2 screen. Of course it is. So my T2 screen protectors will not work with it. And the T3 is so new, it is almost impossible to find screen protectors for it. I found some from this Hong Kong based company, and they are not cheap! I thought the package would have 3 screen protectors, after all it is $9 USD. Nope, you get one protector for $9 + $3 shipping. But it is important to have your screen protected. It just comes at a price. I have not seen any other T3 screen protectors out yet either. I am sure there will be other vendors, just not at the moment. I bought these things almost 2 weeks ago, and just got them this week. So I am sure other vendors have them by now.

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