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Jordan Fouts is beginning to wonder if enrolling in gradschool at McGill was such a hot idea after all. At least it has opened up a few neat new possibilities and gotten him out of Ohio most of the year. In fact getting out of America entire is something he's finding very refreshing. Plus Montreal is just the best town anyone could ever wish for.

It's just that, after only a year in the Russian programme there, and even then only having to take undergrad courses (a 'qualifying year', or, 'your two-bit corntown college doesn't measure up to the Harvard of the North so we're going to stick some training wheels on you and here you hafta wear this paper grad student trainee hat and nametag for a while too'), he's already wearing thin. He might consider dropping out and just panhandling on the street alongside such greats as Ryan Larkin; maybe fake his own death to get out of student loan debt.

But that's all yet to develop; the story so far is he graduated from BGSU with a degree in Russian and a minor in Journalism; he was very nearly a straight-A student but stopped caring halfway through and settled for a couple Bs, though his essay writing was consistently splendid and often held up in class as an example of how to do it right; for the past four years he was been writing for the BG Sentinel-Tribune ; has travelled a little around Europe and across the States; and has been published in several non-journalistic forms, most notably and recently Montreal-bazed zine Stationaery.

While in Internet terms he knows nothing more than basic HTML, and even then has forgotten most of what he taught himself; and though at home he has nothing better than a 56k dialup, he's been around the web so long his ICQ number is 1. heh. Also he remembers when WWWF Grudge Match, now dead, was on its original server 10 years ago. He urges everyone interested in whether Gary Coleman could beat Webster in a fight to read the archives, and make special note of comments sent in by "MonkeyDog"...

He once had a number of web-projects going but for some reason a year ago felt compelled to erase all trace of them. He keeps now a small presence, limited to a Myspace account and a small blog mostly for telling stories and showing some pictures.

When he returns to Montreal at the end of summer he will try and finish another two years of grad studies in Russian while helping run the on-campus Stationaery club.

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a german girl loves jordan na fouts.


Jordan Nathaniel Arthur Fouts is a tramp.


Jordan - is this one of your prOn star "friends" you keep telling me about?

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