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While attending BGSU for a degree in journalism in 1998, Matt decided to start up a fanzine called "Gaming Source." It covered all areas of the video game market from news, reviews, and a look back to the classics. Matt also wrote game reviews for the BG News (after being "discovered" by Ken Edwards) in conjunction with his 'zine. After a year of producing Gaming Source, the costs became too much of a burden and the 'zine ceased to be.* pdf_icon.jpg Matt Paprocki's Resume (67kb) word_icon.jpg Matt Paprocki's Resume (36kb)
In late 2001, Matt found the website Digital Press. He has been writing game reviews for the website ever since. Currently, the number of his reviews posted on the site is close to 900, covering nearly every era and console ever released. Since he took over 90% of the section's content single handedly, it's no surprise Matt was given the position of Review Section Editor in 2005. Matt has also written feature articles for G-Fan, a magazine dedicated to Godzilla and other giant monsters. Matt is also an avid/rabid video game collector and his game room has not only been featured on the Digital Press website, but inside the pages of Tips & Tricks magazine as well. Well over 3,000 games and 35 individual consoles line the walls of his basement dwelling. Matt slaves away at Toys R Us as a manager to continue filling gaps in his collection. Nope, he has no life. As fate would have it, Ken Edwards contacted Matt in late 2003 to write for his website and Blogcritics.org. Matt has begun to review DVD's, games and editorials on the current state of the video game industry for the two sites. He also writes freelance for the Toledo Free Press. *If you feel the need to read through a non-spell checked fanzine from the Dreamcast era, a full run of 13 issues can be reprinted and mailed to you. Just drop Matt a line at the address below. Contact Matt at this address: videogamer [at] bex [dot] net

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RaphG [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi,Matt Paprocki

I just wanna sincerly thank you so much for your words about my music in "Glory Days 2" for Nintendo DS.

It's always a great honor when people are sensible to my compositions. And the "Glory Days 2" soundtrack seems to appeal to many people in the game industry/websites etc, which is so great for me ;-)

Keep on the excellent work on your website, and best regards from Paris !

Raphaƫl Gesqua - Composer


Eric [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi matt,

You recently filled out that gaming form and I realized I didnt have an email field! please contact me at Eric Friedman at@at gmail dot com - no spaces throughout.

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