Chucky Collection DVD Review

Chucky. He's a doll. Not just any doll mind you. No, this is a Good Guy doll. Not just any Good Guy doll mind you. No, this is a criminaly possesed serial killer doll. Not just any criminally possesed serial killer doll....oh....ok, he is just an ordinary criminally possesed serial killer doll. Anyway, fans of this little terror will be pleased to see that 3 of the 4 films in this series have gotten a nice DVD treatment, sans extras for the most part.
Included in this box set is Childs Play 2, Childs Play 3, and the finale, Bride of Chucky. The first Childs Play resides over in the hands of MGM and they've only delivered a horrific full screen DVD version with no update in sight. All 3 films are presented in their apporpriate widescreen aspect ratio's thankfully and look relatively smooth considering their age. Childs Play 2 is an excellent sequel and wastes no time in getting things started. The greedy corporation responsible for the Good Guy dolls is well underway in trying to cover themselves after the events of the first film. Like any good corporate conglomerate these days, in their eternal quest to make a buck, they decide to relaunch the toy line. Bad move. Serial killer Charles Lee Ray once again is trapped in the body and must steal the soul of a young child named Andy Barkley (Alex Vincent reprising his role from the first film). It's a great ride, but the body count is relatively low for a slasher flick. Childs Play 3 is an entirely different story. It's a mess, plain and simple. Seems that Andy (Justin Whailin), now about 8 or so years older, couldn't find a family that could deal with his "doll" problem. But, of course, the Good Guy doll is resurrected once again with, yep, the soul of Charles Lee Ray still tucked away inside. After mailing himself (!) to the camp, Chucky befreinds another young child and tries taking his soul. Well, Andy, the ever so quick one, is hot on his trail. The acting is sub-par, some of the characters are just plain ludicrous, and the entire human storyline is a train wreck. The ending is just sad, though Chucky's death is quite funny. Bride of Chucky is an entirely different story. It's camp and it's supposed to be. Charles old flame (played by Jennifer Tilly) ressurects his soul. Well, good ol' Sir Charles isn't too happy about the situation and plops Tilly into another doll. The 2 go on the usual murdering spree while looking for some amulet that will restore them back to human form. This is a film where dolls, well, know. Well, needless to say the film sets up the recently announced 5th film, Seed of Chucky. All 3 films have been on the receieving end of some nice transfer work. The third suffers from some noticeable grain and compression issues and the first sequel has alot of scratches/dirt early on. Bride of Chucky, being the latest film, is pretty much flawless. It's also the only film with a full 5.1 mix while the others get a standard Dolby Surround treatment. For standard edition DVD's, it's about what is to be expected. With the exception of some production notes and trailers, CP2 and CP3 have no extras to speak of. Bride of Chcuky is actually pretty decent. You'll get 2 commentaries, with nothing but laughs coming from the voice of Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Jennifer Tilly. The other is from director Ronny Yu and is much more subdued and serious. There is plenty of talk about deleted segemtns and such, but none are included sadly. There's a nice diary that Tilly wrote while on the set and your able to print it out if you have DVD-ROM capabilities. You'll also get a brief "History of Chucky" which I believe was on one of the pay-moviecable channels. It's a crying shame that the first film wasn't included in this set. It's a bigger crying shame that the only way to get that film in the digital format is through Warners crap-tastic disc. Regardless, these are some fun films and there's no denying that the amnount of work needed to bring Chucky to life is insane. If slasher flicks are your thing, then this is a must own set. It's got a nice, low retail price and you get a nice amount of entertainment for your buck. Recommended.

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