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I got my PC back this week, but of course, it still does not work. After a 2 full hour phone call to Alienware Tech. Support, they are sending me a new Promise RAID Controller. The hard drive is not being recognized. The motherboard works though. They fixed that problem. It boots up but stalls on the boot sequence screen. No amount of changing the boot order in the BIOS helps either. Moving the Promise PCI card had no effect, changing the ribbon to the other port on the Promise card had no effect. After 2 hrs. I suggested we plug the HD into the motherboard. I just love dealing with technical support. Especially the ones in India. Don't get me started on that. There is a reason Dell pulled their India Call Center, ya know (But did they really do it?). My CD-RW is plugged into the top port, and DVD-RW is plugged into the second port on the motherboard. They did not use ribbon cables that have two ports on them. So I would have to unplug the DVD-RW to plug in the HD. But this is after 2 hrs. of messing with this damn PC and I was fed up, I did not feel with pulling this PC apart any more, and about to the point of telling this Tech. that this system was being shipped back and they would fix it. And in the nicest way I could, I told him how blooming frustrated I was at this point. He said he understood, especially after just getting it back from the depot. Working with a PC box is nothing like working on a Mac box. The engineers at Apple really think about the design of the entire box. It is a pain in the ass working on this Alienware compared to all the Apple boxes I have torn apart. Oh, and on the left side of the case, there are 3 scratches! I know they were not there when I sent it in! And with the metallic paint on these cases, it is really easy to see scratches. I was so pissed off about the RAID controller/hard drive/whatever problem that I totally forgot about the scratches.
How in the world could this machine leave the Alienware depot. and the HD NOT work? It has a check sheet that states when it was put through a diagnostic test, which gasp! includes starting the computer. If I ever do buy a PC again, I will never buy from Alienware. That I will buy from Alienware because I know they support their computers. I am just really upset about this PC at the moment. I have heard so much good about them. There are a lot of prominent reviewers that like them, but my experience has been anything but good. The thing just dies after 10 months of use? When I get the thing back from that problem, it still does not work? Sometimes I cannot understand the Tech. Support, or for that matter why he is, or is not, asking me to try to get my system working again. Ya know, I now see why so many people switch to using a Mac, and I could never think of using my PC as a production machine. I am so glad I have a PowerBook to use. I just hope that this RAID Controller is the problem, and it works with the new one! As a disclaimer, I want to say that I find that the Indian techs. I have dealt with from companies such as Adobe, Macromedia, Quark, and Alienware are very smart and very willing to help fix the problem(s) at hand. I just wish I could talk to someone that is of Caucasian White, American descent and preferably from within this country. A lot of times thick accents are not the best thing to have when calling for help, especially when one might be a bit agitated at the reason he or she would have to call for help.

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I understand your frustration... A few years back I nearly nuked D-Link when I was trying to get a Wireless Access Point working. I don't know if the person I was talking to was in India or just an immigrant, but he was quite dense. When I called I was about 3 steps into the installation process and didn't know what to put in for the unit's MAC address. The "tech" was using an expert system and wasn't willing to start from where I was in the process. I spent about 30 minutes arguing with the guy about where I was in the process when he disconnected the call.

I called back fully expecting to get someone else as dense, only to find an english speaking "tech" that knew what he was doing. I had the WAP up and running in five minutes after that.

As far as your PC woes, all I can say is that I'm sure I could find accounts that sound very simular and be on the Apple side. Maybe not with their tech support being in India, but not being able to solve the owner's problems. Just look at the iPod issues with the batteries now... From what I am reading, Apple is adjusting their support to handle the problem and make owners happy without the owners having to spend as much money as a new iPod.

Computers are computers, they all have their problems...

I haven't had the best of luck with PC's, but my latest computer, a Dell, has served me very well. Had a HD failure about 3 months ago, but I think that was due to putting in RAMBUS ram that wasn't very happy. I will never buy a computer that uses RAMBUS ram again! Period!

I have had less luck with Mac's. I had a dual 450Mhz G4 a few years back and had nothing but problems with the software side of the system. It crashed more frequently than Windows ME does. I hardly had anything installed on it other than OS 9 and a few programs. It may have been the Beta OS X that was causing some of the headaches, but I just gave up on it and sold it to the company I worked at.

Good luck with the PC. I hope you get it up and running again soon...

This system has RAMBUS.

Tom Pollard:

You don't know what "Caucasian" means, if you think that a generic "Caucasian" would be easier to understand than an Indian. And if you're an American, you ought to understand that someone's descent (not "discount") - that is, who their ancestors were - has diddly-squat to do with whether you're likely to understand them or not. I'm sure I have second-generation Indian-American friends who speak much better English than you do.

That said, I basically agree with your point, but take offense at the ignorant way in which you chose to express it.

Maybe I should have not put the disclaimer in at all! For crying out loud! There are trolls on all sides! Geez. You got my drift, this is not a work of literary genius, I don't slave over every word. I write it and hit the post button. It is a blog.

Yes, in fact, I do know what Caucasian means. Not that the definition is correct, but on the zillions of legal forms that we se in every facet of our lives, "Caucasian" is synonymous with "White". I guess I thought this generalization of the word was an excepted norm by now.

I thought I made it clear that the tech's I have spoken to (either from India or of Indian Descent) have been very helpful, and in most cases have solved the problems at hand.

I am sorry I ever put the disclaimer in.

discount, LOL, spell check can be an evil thing sometimes :-P .

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