Group warns parents about 'killographic' games

A public interest group had a holiday warning and a new word Monday for parents of video game users: Beware of "killographic," defined as the "graphic depiction of brutal violence." .... Lowenstein noted that the average age of those who play video games is 28, and said as adults they should be allowed to pick their entertainment. He also pointed out that the industry rates its games on age appropriateness, and that Walsh's institute found most parents are not aware of a game's content. "The message is that parents in many cases aren't doing their job," Lowenstein said.
Source: CNN No! Really? Parents don't know what is in video games? Shocking! You know there is a ratings system in place, maybe parents should take notice of that. Just a thought. And stop blaming this crap on the video game companies. I, frankly, am getting sick and tired of hearing this same old story being rehashed from a zillion different angles.


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