iPod in short supply for Christmas

Apple's popular iPod digital music player is in short supply in many markets in the US and UK, according to the Financial Times. "Most stores in New York have sold out of the larger capacity models and do not expect to get more before the holidays... shortages are forcing many Christmas shoppers to hunt around or settle for one of iPod's many imitators. While most rival machines cost less, aficionados consider them to lack the vital quality of 'coolness.'"
Source: Financial Times "Coolness"? Come on! How about "functionality" That is why people buy the iPod. It just so happens that Apple does design some of the coolest hardware out there.

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Actually, the Archis Jukebox series tends to have more functionality than the iPod, as do some other lines like those from Creative. It's just that the iPod is the most well-known and the most attractive.

I would agree, for example the iRiver looks very tempting, but its the iPod's GUI that is much better to use, and the job wheel.


Looked at pic of both of those, my 20Gb iPod is prettier IMHO. :-P

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