iSkin eXo 2

I cannot say this enough: They changed everything that was wrong with the first iSkin eXo.
This time around you get a nice color user guide that shows how to install the belt clip. The new screen protector has a large lip that sticks under the rubber around the screen. It now says "iSkin" in the upper left of the screen protector, but what are you going to do, it is an iSkin. The screen protector is much nicer with the wide lip around it that slips under the case. The hole around the hold button is twice as big this time. This, more then the beveled holes, makes using the hold function much more usable. The beveled buttons for rewind, menu, play, and forward buttons are much more usable as well. It is not like using the iPod with no protection, but its a ton better then the old iSkin. The 4 touch buttons are much more sensitive. I can flip through tracks, and pause so much easier now. The belt clip that is included is much stronger. It is now metal, and not plastic. It is also is not "installed" by default. It is something that you have to add if you want. In my case, I do not want it, so I do not have to take the clip off. The old iSkin had a nice threaded mount that the clip screws into. This is great if you want to use a mount in your car, the type that fits into your car lighter. This also unfortunately means the iPod does not sit flat. With the new iSkin 2, your iPod will now sit flat on the desk. There is a cover over the Dock Connector port. This is a nice touch. It does not just cover the port, it also actually fits into the port. This keeps it in place until you want to use the Dock Connector port. I use the PocketDock, not the Dock that comes with the iPod. I tried, and cannot get the iPod into the Dock unless I take the iSkin 2 off. This, for me, is not a problem. It might be for you. These changes are, what I believe, a direct result of user feedback. I emailed them about the hold button being hard to use, I am sure others did as well. The opening around the hold button is now double the original size. I emailed about it being hard to push the 4 buttons, as I am sure others have as well. These buttons are now beveled, and make it much easier to "push" the buttons. Great job on getting a better product out!

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