Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition

Zelda is really one of those enigma's of the video game world. Pretty much everyone has played some version of the Nintendo-favorite franchise. The series has been going strong since it's inception on the NES and this collection is a nice piece of memorabilia that's a great look back at some of the best the series has to offer. The disc includes 4 full games (not including the 20-minute Wind Waker demo): The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, Ocriana of Time, and Majora's Mask. There's no need to get deep inside each of these games. Everyone has played them in one form or another and this collection does a pretty good job of presenting them to a new generation of gamers. Control problems are present in just about every game in this set. The first 2 NES games suffer from either unresponsive or over responsive controls. It just never feels right. Youíll take more than just a few unfair hits. Whether it's just the Gamecube controller or the emulation isn't known, but it's probably not enough to turn players off from playing these classic titles. The 2 N64 games are only problem thanks to the shift in control scheme. After putting in countless hours in the 64 versions, the Gamecube simply cannot replicate the button layout. If youíve never played either of these games, then it shouldnít be much of an issue. Also packed onto the disc is a 2-minute "History of Zelda" video. This incredibly inept piece features footage from each Zelda game released to date. Any Zelda fanatic would've loved to see interviews with the designers, some of the original TV commercials, or any other number of extras. The inclusion of this all-too-brief clip is a waste of space and Iím sure could've been put to better use. Maybe the inclusion of one of the Game Boy renditions? Also, each game requires quite a large chunk of memory card space so you may need to set one aside if you plan on getting anywhere. The entire disc runs in progressive scan so HDTV owners will get their moneys worth. Otherwise, the games have remained relatively untouched, save for some cleaner textures on the 64 versions. Majora's Mask suffers from some audio clipping (which is stated on the packaging and when selecting the game) while it loads, but that's really the only glitch these games have suffered from during their translation. Otherwise, there's an outstanding rendition of the Zelda theme during the menus that could very well be worth the price of admission alone and you simply have to love looking at the first NES game in HD. The disc is nice touch from Nintendo. You can get it in various ways. You can buy a new Cube, subscribe to Nintendo Power through their official website, or buy and registering 2 specific Gamecube games from the list provided on Nintendo.com. In other words, the cheapest way to nab this one is by subscribing to Nintendo Power for $20. It will most likely never really be a collectors item. There will be a ton of these out there, especially after this holiday season. Regardless of it's value, this is a great disc if you don't have any of the originals.

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I do apologise, but this review stinks!
What kind of silly fool would write in such a way about 4 very good games. There are just more important things in life!

You should learn to relax and enjoy the games without crossing into pessimism, because people such as myself do NOT like it.

Sorry pal, but you suck at reviewing items...

Huh? Because I had some minor complaints about the control sheme which doesn't agree with your opinion, this is a bad review? The control is one of the most important aspects of the game and if it's not right when compared to the originals, that's not a logical reason to complain?

This is a review of a product. The problems and highlights of the disc are discussed. That's what's supposed to be done. Rip on the writing style or something like that, but saying the review is crap because you don't agree with it is missing the point. What points do you disagree with? That type of stuff might help.

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