My PC Works, Finally!

It works! It works! I installed the new Promise RAID card, and that didn't change anything. I re-seated the power and ribbon cable on the HD, and it finally worked! So I don't think it was the RAID card after all. As soon as it booted, Windows crashed, imagine that! So I booted into Safe Mode, and looking into msconfig's Startup and Services tab, the system had both EZ Coaster Creator and Nero installed. This is apparently Alienware's (new) OEM package. I don't understand why they would install both, as they like to play havoc with each other. I uninstalled Roxio and turned off the Startup items and Services that were not needed. That fixed it. Now I just have no audio. Well I take that back, I had noise, not audio. This happened in January when I got this thing. I had to move PCI slots then. This time the tech had me uninstall, and reinstall the Audigy software. I have heard from many people that the Audigy 2 does not like to play nice with XP. Now the audio works. All set, after another 2 hr. tech support call. This time I talked to someone with a sense of humor though, so that helped. I'll tell you after I put the RAID card in and it didn't work I was about to send the damn thing back. NEW SOFTWARE I have an updated OEM software package, which I gotta say, is really nice, with only one covet. For watching DVDs I now have PowerDVD 5, before I had PowerDVD 4. This time I have ArcSoft ShowBiz, aparently a movie creation piece of software. Sonic MyDVD also is installed, version 4, The one covet is Nero 6. As Jim said early, its not that great. Its pretty ugly, and bad, actually. I have an OEM Nero 5 CD I think I will be installing. There is a "Expert Mode" in Nero 6, its just the SAME INTERFACE with a couple more buttons! It looks like an Apple product that went a little far on the entire Aqua thing. Please people! Oh well, what are you gonna do? I never thought I would say, but I am happy to see that Windows logo when I hit the power button on my PC. I can now play Max Payne 2, finally. I also bought Office 2003, it cost me $10 after all (the university has a deal with the devil) so I will have to install that, after all Office XP is so passe. The first thing to do is Windows Update though, and install the 15+ Critical Updates, plus the rest of the not-so-critical updates. Next will be installing all the software I need. First on this list is burnatonce, which is such a great burning app that isn't all goooooi'd up like Nero 6 is. I am really disappointed in Nero 6. Nero 5 had such a great UI, and they ruined it.

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My original request stands: If you want to get rid o' that ol' Raid card, feel free to send it my way :-)

I have to send it back to Alienware Jake, or they will bill my credit card.

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