Return of the King tonight! (Updated)

OK. Return of the King is tonight, midnight showing. Yea. So I am conditioning myself. No food or drink for 5 hours prior to movie time. Go to bathroom at least twice before the movie starts. OK. I think I am good to go. I already have my ticket. I spent the last few nights watching the extended versions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, I am ready. One more hour!

Do you think Peter Jackson will direct the prequel? I am not sure The Hobbit would fit into a 3 hour movie. And considering how liberal he has been with Tolkien with this trilogy, I am not sure a movie would do The Hobbit justice. Unlike LoTR, I did read The Hobbit when I was a kid, and I can just see myself sitting there in the theater cringing. Now that I have seen the LoTR movies I have read (well, OK, listened to) the books. and I now cringe when I watch the movies again.

And do you think Jackson will think of some odd reason why Arwen needs a role in the movie version of The Hobbit? (Yes, I am referring to the LoTR trilogy, Arwen, if you read the books, does NOT have such a large role, but thats show biz.)

So, do you think we will see The Hobbit in the next few years?

Well I must say that I made it through the entire movie without having to take a potty break. I am quite impressed with myself. My "conditioning" played off.

I am sitting here at our local Waffle House at 4 AM, but that is ok, I am a nocturnal animal. This being the case, this might need some revising later, but I wanted to jot down my thoughts while still fresh in my mind.

My buddy Mike had to take photos for the Sentinel-Tribune, so he could not watch this masterpiece. He had to input photos and get ready for a full day of assignments tomorrow. So later this week he is going to want to go see this movie, and I will gladly see Return of the King again, even if it is a solid three and a half hours sitting in the theater.

This movie is more then worth seeing again, for so many reasons. Coming from 3D modeling schooling I was most impressed with the enormous amount of animation mixed with live action (I always notice the CG work first, that’s just me). They blending of the live action and CG were handled very well, and most all the animation was very smooth and with a great amount of detail and blur where appropriate. But I am just a nut when it comes 3D animation. The huge elephants were my favorite, but I do not want to spoil the experience for anyone so I will not go any further on about the animation. Just to say that I was mighty impressed with the progression it has made since The Fellowship of The Ring. They were not kidding when they said The Battle of Helm’s Deep was nothing in comparison to what is in Return of the King. Seeing Massive (the fuzzy logic software built to handle the colossal hordes of men and orc in all the breathtaking battles in this trilogy) handle all the battles in Return of the King was a magnificent experience.

I have not read, or listened to, Return of the King. Since I had not done the same for The Fellowship of the Ring or The Two Towers, I did not want to jade my experience of this third installment. I am glad I have not read Return of the King, as I may have been disappointed in what I did, or did not see.

Humor aided in a larger part of the story this time around, and as Return of the King is by far the darkest of the three movies, it was welcome. There were many moments when the entire theater busted out in laughter. There are some funny moments, more memorable then the rather conservative humor in the last two films.

I do not see how people like my father fall asleep in the middle of watching these movies, the acting, the writing, the visual effects, the landscapes, it is all too much for the senses.. I cannot remember the last time I wanted to see the final chapter to such a good story in a long time.

The Fellowship of the Ring was a very straightforward story, with very little sub plotting. The Fellowship broke apart, and in The Two Towers we had three distinct stories plodding through the lands of Middle Earth. This was all an exercise in out collective attention span as Return of the King jumps from one splinter of the story to the other. But, it never leaves you guessing what happened to who, the pacing is very well shot, or edited, as the case may be.

Musically I think that the various themes, such as the Shire theme, for example, were mixed into the mood and plot points a little more smoothly then in Two Towers. We got the soundtrack to Return of the King a few weeks back, and I have been listening to it. I enjoy it much more then The Two Towers soundtrack.

I could go on to so many points I found astonishing to the senses, but I want you to experience this last journey through Middle earth yourself, not read about it here: go see this movie! You will laugh, you will cry, and three and a half hours later you will, for some strange reason, not want it to end.

The Hobbit anyone?

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