Rockstar to drop 'kill Haitians' line

A New York-based video game company announced Wednesday that it would make changes to "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," a game that had provoked angry protests from Haitian immigrants and city officials.
Source: C|NET Well, I hope they change the "kill all the Cubans" mission too then. Of course the article does not say anything about that, so, maybe it is OK to kill Cubans in video games, but now Haitians? This is asinine people!

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I wish people would just take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming their actions on others.

What is really amazing to me is that the courts accept the practice instead of throwing it out.

I guess in about 50 more years when all the kids growing up in the video game culture are old enough to be judges and such, these things might finally change... We can only hope...

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