Safari Wish List 12/13/03

Here are the features I would like to see in an update to Safari. (Disregarding any changes I would like to see in WebCore.) This is also part two in an n part series. Please see part one and part two for my previous wishes. Show Image Size in Window Title: Both Internet Exploder and Mozilla do this. It is just nice to see the dimensions of an image if you load an image directly in a browser window. You do not have to open it in a separate application, when all you want to know is the height and width. Tab to Form Lists and Buttons: Both Internet Exploder and Mozilla do this. I am one of those people who like to tab to all my form elements, including Select Lists and Buttons. Even in Panther's UI you can now tab through buttons (and hit space bar when the button halo is around the one you want). But in the Panther UI you cannot tab into a Select List. It is nice to be able to tab into a select list, then use the arrow keys, or type, say "O" for "Ohio" for example. Please Apple add this to Safari! If for only those of use who try to use the mouse as little as possible! Sidebar for Bookmarks: Both Internet Exploder and Mozilla do this. I like having bookmarks (and bookmark groups) on top of my browser window. But I also like having bookmarks displayed in a sidebar window. The widescreen of my PowerBook is well suited for this. Oh, OmniWeb does this too, and OmniWeb is now based on WebCore and JavaScriptCore (meaning when these technologies get updated, not only does Safari get an update, but so does OmniWeb). As much as some of these things (including the previous installments) might irritate me, Safari stays my primary browser, I hardly use anything else.

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I don't know if this is already a feature of safari.... but a keyboard shortcut to switch to different opened tabs within one browser window would be nice. If this can be done in the current safari version someone let me know how to do it.

is that not shift-apple-Left/Right arrow?

It sure is, thanks Randall.

steve gates:

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