Setting up my PC, Part #1

Now that I have my PC back, I get to install everything to get back to normal use. Round one looks like this: Mozilla 1.5, Sophos, Sophos IDE files, WinRAR, Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad Aware, Folder Icon XP, Virtual Desktop Manager, Tweak UI, Logitech iTouch, Logitech MouseWare, Trillian, FileZilla, HoverSnap, burnatonce, w.bloggar, BrowserSizer and iTunes. I am going to have to purchase TradeKeys, because I am so used to swapping the Control key. Then there are those annoying things to disable in Windows: Disable the Trash's delete confirmation dialog, disabled the Personalized Start Menu, how annoying! I find most of the annoying fixes for Windows in the wonderful book Windows XP Annoyances or the site

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