Suitcase/WindowShadeX incompatibility

Reader Frans van der Geest reports an incompatibility between Suitcase 11.0.2 and WindowShade X (the haxie that brings OS 9's Windowshade functionality to OS X): "I noticed that Suitcase does not start up correctly on boottime when Windowshade (the latest version from the Unsanity utility) is installed: Suitcase hangs at startup or the window does not 'auto-hide' at autostart at login. removing Windowshade solved all this"
Source: MacFixIt Bah! I am about to buy this software for myself, as well as for Student Publications. Not that it will matter for Student Publications. But I really like using WindowShadeX on my PowerBook

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Gary Ludwig:

I have WindowShadeX installed and had the same "auto-hide" problem and a "Suitcase is initializing..." hang at startup. I read a tip on another site that suggested moving the fonts out of the /Users//Library/Fonts/ folder. That seems to have worked fine, even with WindowShadeX still active.

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