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Ken Edwards is a Fine Arts student at Bowling Green State University. While pursuing his degree, he has worked as the Internet & Database Specialist for Student Publications. Ken's work involves maintenance of the Mac-based network and technical support for Student Publications, as well as serving as webmaster for both Student Publications and The BG News. In addition to his computer work and class load, Ken Edwards is an editor for the online magazine, Blogcritics.org.

pdf_icon.jpg Ken Edwards' Resume (148kb)

When Ken was a full time student at BGSU, he worked at Student Publications (ironic?) and did mostly the same that as he does now. The only difference is the loathing for Quark has grown exponentially over the years (Supporting QuarkXPress is one of those love-hate relationships). Student Publications has since moved on to InDesign and things are much better.

In 2002 Ken started his own business, Meancode Media, LLC. In his first year in business for himself he found there are far too few hours in the day and that word of mouth is great for business. In the four years since starting Meancode Media, it is apparent that word of mouth is all that is needed to find work.  This is mainly due to the fact that Meancode Media is not a full time job - yet.

In January 2003 Ken bought a PC (he is a Mac user, he has a tattoo to prove it) and thought the venture into the world of Windows warranted its own web site. Thus Breaking Windows was born. Ken loves writing so much he has designed and is hosting 210 West, a webzine born out of the gut of the The BG News. He also contributes to Blogcritics, where he is the Gaming Editor.

Ken does plan on finishing his BFA in Computer Art some day. Just not right now. "There is no sense in rushing through life, especially when you are having fun," he says.

Computers are not the only addictions, video games top the list as well. He has a MP3 player (iPod), two digital cameras (Minolta DiMAGE Xt, Canon PowerShot G6) and a PDA (Tungsten T3) and he is not afraid to use them. Yes it is true, he is a geek (not a nerd) and he has no problems admitting it.

His current addictions include the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, and whatever Nintendo comes out with next.

Being self-employed, Ken is always looking for new work. Having time to accept that work is another thing all together. If you would like to employ his services please see his web site. He will let you know if he has the time, or not.

Contact Ken at this address: ken [at] meancode [dot] com

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