Coca-Cola's music site has gone live

But this one must not be a competitor to the iTMS. Why you ask? Because I cannot seem to load the site in Safari, OmniWeb, Mozilla, Explorer, or Opera on the Mac. I am going to assume it is WMA based. I did get to the site in Windows IE, and only IE. It doesn't work in Windows Mozilla either. You have to buy "credits" which equate to money. Whatever, why not just bill directly to a credit card. The world needs another online music store like it needs another hole in the ozone, IMO. One annoying thing, if you have flash installed, you have to go through the home page which is only flash (no choice) and then a stupid popup window with an intro animation, then you get to the music store. HELLO PEOPLE, drop all that crap already! But by all means, please visting!

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Not going to happen cause I use Safari and iTunes Music Store. :-P

There's a reason for the credits system. It means that people can buy you credits asa 'gift', which means that kids under 18 who (at least in the UK) can't have credit cards can be bought credits by their parents.

And yes, it is WMA only. It's run by OD2 who also run MSN's music store, which had quite an impressive back catalogue when I looked. The songs vary in price but are quite cheap, and will probably be cheaper than iTMS when that launches in Europe.

OD2 Site

Thanks for the link Neil.

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