Detroit Auto Show 2004

Don't ask me why I have not gone to this every year I have lived in Bowling Green! It is all of 1.5 hrs. away. Anyway, I will surely go back next year! And next year I will plan on going two days (at least). Last Friday Mike and I went up to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) to take photos (for Mike, it was for the Sentinel-Tribune, for me it was just for fun). I have 3 (one, two, three) photo galleries online, and one of the sights of Detroit. In one day we did not get to see everything, and it was packed so getting around the floor was a battle at time. The show was a lot of fun nonetheless. We saw a pop tent on the walk back to the car from the Cobo Center. It was in the snow next to the walkway next to the river. The tent dweller had a great view of the casino tho! Of all the cars/trucks/vans/stupid useless vehicles etc. there, the Subaru B9SC Concept was my personal favorite. That thing looks sweet! The Ford Shelby Cobra Concept comes in as a close second. The first flood did not have much at all, the only thing that stuck out (like a soar thumb) was the PT Coupe. I cannot decide wether it looks better or worse then the PT Cruiser. The second floor is where all the big displays were. The eye catching designs I notied: The Jaguar S-TYPE is different for a Jag. The Mitsubishi Sport Truck Concept does not screen "truck" to me. The Volkswagen Concept T "dune buggy" is ugly. Honda's first truck, the Honda SUT Concept (I can only guess that stands for stupid useless truck) has a lot of cab space, which I like, but has a very short bed. The Ford Bronco Concept is a real stretch for what we have come to know the Bronco as, I think it looks like a Lego(tm) truck (but so does the Jeep Rescue Concept)! MSN has a TON of photos of the show. (The "More Photo Galleries" drop down does not seem to function in Safari, go figure) Getting out of the car garage proved to be the most difficult part of the day. After paying the $12 for parking, the gate is supposed to open letting us leave. Well that did not happen. We paid the lady the money, and the gate did not open, and did not open, and still did not open. She had to call someone to come and unlock the gate an manually raise it. We must have sat there close to 5 min. all the while people were forming a line, probably a couple levels long, waiting to leave. Of course they were all honking horns, which just made it even funnier to us. After finally getting out of the parking garage it was rather easy to get back onto 75, easier then we thought it would be to find.

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