Free Keynote Themes, .Mac Review

I have been meaning to review the .Mac service for a while now. I guess now is as good as any.
Apple's latest promotion for members of its .Mac subscription-based online service rewards them with US$30 off Keynote, the presentation software, as well as seven free themes from third-party designers valued at $100.
Source: MacCentral I already own Keynote, so the discount does not help me out, but I do not own any of these themes. And these themes rock! I am a long time .Mac user. I used it back when it was free and called iTools. When they moved to the $99 pay for service, I did not take the $49 previous users price. At that time I did not think it was worth $49, much less $99, as you did not get as much as you do now. Sure, the staple of a .Mac account is the iDisk and the email account, but now it is so much more, and is well worth the price tag. Fast forward to 2003 when I bought my 1 Ghz PowerBook G4. There is a $30 discount with a new Mac, and Apple now offers a slew of extras other then just the virtual disk and email. I will admit I was skeptical for a while (even after I bought .Mac), but I am now convinced that it is well worth it, on so many levels. As a member I not only get a discount on Keynote, but on Macromedia Contribute, (as well as free Contribute templates) tons (1.7 GB) of royalty free Freeplay Music, ArcSoft PhotoStudio, 25% off Panarama Maker, discount on VersionTracker Pro, Virex, and thats just the 3rd party software. Apple training on OS X, iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, and iDVD is nice. Backup 2.0 is a mature backup utility now. iSync my bookmarks, contacts, and calendars and can download all that data on another Mac. iSync is a huge, and very usefull feature of .Mac! I am now never without that information, no matter what Mac I am at. Publishing iPhoto galleries online is real sweet, as is publishing iCal calendars. If you are on the edge of getting .Mac, let me assure you, it is worth it. At first I thought otherwise as well, but I am now more then convinced that it is worth the $99 per year.

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Kyenote is a good product

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