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Something I have wanted to do for a while now, well over a month, is put my entire HTML posts into the RSS feed. It took Neil to IM me and even offer his RSS template. Well thanks Neil. Now you all no longer have to visit my site to read it :-D. I have also set it to include my entire post for my bloglet subscribers, all 10 of you. If I had more subscribers I would install that snazzy Dada list software that Jake is using, cuz it sure looks prrrrdy. I also have installed the Atom 0.3 feed, but I do not know if any reader actually supports this standard yet. I need to make a graphic for that. I will be taking off the RDF graphic (and feed) and putting up an Atom graphic sometime soon.

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According to AtomEnabled.org, Atom is supported already by NewsMonster, NewsGator, NewzCrawler, BottomFeeder and Feeds on Feeds. Support in FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and Shrook is coming soon.

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