Gaming crash 2005

The end is near people. The end of it all. Well, at least for mainstream America. Apex, makers of those super-cheap DVD players is officially entering themselves into the realm of videgames with their very own console. Now, beyond the horrific name (reads like Ape-extreme to me), it's quite obvious that this is a direct replay of the first major gaming crash back in 1983. Companie have all seen how much money can be made and everyone wants a piece of it. Look at the current market: PS2, X-Box, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance (2 versions!), N-Gage, Tapwave, and the PS One (yes, it's still going). No, not all of these are major contenders, but when the next generatin of consoles comes around things are going to get real ugly. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are certainly going to be back. Apex is there, and the Phantom is good to go as it was shown at the recent CES. Don't forget the GBA which will likely get the usual upgrade withing a year or two. The only question that remains is how many of these the market can support at once. If history tells us anything.....not many. Starting with the 8-bit era, Nintendo and Sega battled for a while until Nintendo's marketing won people over. Sega, NEC, and Nintendo fought it out in the 16-bit era with NEC's Turbografx fading into obscurity, even though they were first with some new technology (CD-ROM adapter). The 32-bit era dawned with 4 competitors: The Jaguar, 3DO, Saturn, and Playstation. Guess what system dominated? Whats even worse is that mainstream America completely ignored the Saturn, arguably the console with the bext games of the era. The hardcore crowd was left in the dark and the majority of the outstanding games for Sega's short lived console stayed in Japan due to lagging sales of the console. Same thing happened to Sega again a few years later with the hardcore gamers preffered "Next-gen" console, the Dreamcast. Everyone waited for the PS2. No one seemed to care that the Dreamcast had some of the most outstanding games of this generation. Now mainstream America has another chance, possibly within the next year. There will be a ton of systems, countless games, and alot of money that will be waiting to be spent. It won't happen. Whenever something becomes too mainstream in this country, people seem to quickly tire of it. Case in point: The release of the outstanding "Beyond Good and Evil." Easily a candidate for the game of the year, it's price was recently slashed by Circuit City to $9.99, other storesaround $19.99. During the same time period, the GTA Double Pack sold (at minimum) a million copies on the X-Box. Yes, a shoddily coded port with minor upgrades and the same pathetic targeting system outsold BGE 10 to 1 (at least). How long will it take people to simply become bored? No one buys anything original anymore (I can also refrence Viewtiful Joe and Eternal Darkness) and rehashes and tired sequels can't cut it forever. The time is slowly approaching when the true fans of video games will be able to have their hobby back without interference from the outside. Simply put, I can't wait. I don't think any crash will be able to completely descimate this section of our culture, but a nice hard blow to everyone out there who decided to buy GTA III, Madden, and GTA again leaving outstanding titles on the shelves would be a welcome sight.

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As for the Dreamcast, I cared. Unfortunately you're right, though--not enough people did. So along people kept buying PSOne games instead.

I remember the DC fondly. I had a lot more DC games then PSOne games. It was a great system! Just too far before its time. Or maybe it is just the Curse of Sega? Well at least they are floating as a software-only developer.

"It was a great system"

Great enough that you ended up selling it to me? ;-D

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