HP to deliver iPod-based players

Apple's desire to see the iPod remain the leader in the digital music player market got a big push on Thursday when Apple and HP announced that they have formed a strategic alliance to deliver HP-branded digital music players based on the iPod. The news came at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. What's more, iTunes and the iTunes Music Store will be available to HP customers. Buyers of new HP consumer PCs and notebook computers will include iTunes software and a desktop icon to help them find it. HP said that the software will be pre-loaded on Pavilion, Media Center and Compaq Presario desktop and laptop systems. Source: MacCentral This is very cool, but I never thought I would hear of Apple licensing the iPod to any other company. Not only is iTunes and the iTMS part of this HP deal, but QuickTime is as well, which I believe to be the superior media file format. For those who do not know, iTunes requires QuickTime even on the PC. This is great for developers who create QuickTime content, and sites that produce QuickTime content. I really do not see how this helps Apple in a hardware selling sense. They may well see a higher market share with HP branded iPods' + the strong selling Apple branded iPods'. I think more important is iTunes on the desktop, potential iTMS customers, and QuickTime on the desktop. from ZDNet: "Apple will manufacture the player, which will not have the iPod name, but will have the same design and features as Apple's third-generation iPod players, Phil Schiller, senior vice president at Apple, said in an interview. Also, the HP music player will come in "HP Blue," he said. "The way we look at it, HP will be reselling an iPod device," said Schiller, who noted that the device will display the Apple logo at start-up and will work with all of the accessories made for the white-hued Apple varieties."

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