I (expletive) Hate Columbia House

I am in the Columbia House DVD Club. Who can resist? I have been in the BMG Music Club for years and have never been treated so badly. I got friggin' tired of having to log into their web site to cancel the stupid "Director's Selection" every month. Which is a lot nicer then having to send in the stupid cards or calling them. But still, it is annoying. At least 6 months ago I call them and ask if there is any way that I do not need to cancel the automatic horse manure they send out, the CD club allows you to do this, I know this to be fact. At the time I was told no. About 3 months ago I have had enough and I am about to cancel my account. I call to do so, and when I tell them why I am so pissed off about it, the person I talked to tells me that, yes, indeed they can set my account up so I do not have to deny the automatic horse manure every month. Wow! Imagine that. Ass Holes! Fine. I make the poor worker bee happy and tell him I will keep my account. A few days ago I get an email from Columbia House:
Subject: RE: Open immediately - important account information inside (VMVSCD3)
Gee, that doesn't look like SPAM now does it? Note to Columbia House, use better subject lines in your correspondence to customers. It got through POPFile, so I will look at it. Yep, its actually from Columbia House and is regarding my account.
DON'T LOSE YOUR NEW CLUB STATUS - ORDER TODAY! Dear KEN EDWARDS, You currently enjoy a special Club benefit: You don't have to respond to your Director's Selection or return your Order Card except to place an order. To maintain this benefit, you agreed to buy at least one DVD every three months from the Club. However, your initial three-month period has expired, and we haven't received your order. We don't want you to lose your new Club status, so we're giving you an extra chance to make your purchase. Order from your current magazine or choose from our complete catalog at http://www.columbiahouse.com . But be sure to do it right away! If you have recently placed an order, please accept our thanks and disregard this notice. And if you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-800-262-2001.
New club status? What? Excuse me? I agreed? Bull! I didn't agree to jack. They offered this "feature" and I said "It's about damn time" if memory serves.. That is it, that is the last straw. Nice one Columbia House. Way to make the customer actually want to be part of your club. I called Columbia House again today, and I chose to end my account (that would be 1 for english, 5 for more options, and then 5 again to terminate your account). I was impressed, the person I talked to did not harp on me about why I wanted to end my account. Must be one in a million. Of course he did try to sell me on the latest offer, buy one and get unlimited at half price, wow! then it is actually almost worth spending the money. But all in all he did do what I asked and did not waste my time. Its a shame I get the nice rep. on the way out the door, and not on the way in. It's there loss.

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Yeah, I was having problems with them sending me the director's selection. Then I switched banks and never changed the credit card I was using on their site. Now that the card is no longer valid, they don't send me anything. But this will only work until I have to fullfill the agreement and buy 3 or 4 more DVDs.

I changed banks and ignored their 'urgent' pleas that i have yet to complete my commitment but they are 'unfortunately' unable to send their monthly selections. How unfortunate! Not sure if popfile got them or they gave up. I somehow see them hunting me down with the zeal of a terminator. I'll face that day when it comes.


Didn't have that problem with Literary Guild. No selections sent and no requirements to purchase either.


I totally agree with how much colubia house sucks!! I will never join them ever again, and I would never refer anyone to them. They send me the directors choice every month...butr this month they billed me for a dvd I never even recieved! It was about 2 weeks ago I was billed
for 'Madagascar' and 2 weeks later I still havent got it in the mail. I called them, wasted 20 + minutes waiting to talk to someone on there automated bullshit line, for someone to tell me it was "in the mail" Anyways, I plan on sending that crap back as soon as I get it, then I am buying the 3 DVDs i need to buy to get the hell out o this club...then complain about it anywhere and everywhere I can! Including the BBB. If you know of any other websites I can bitch too, please e mail me!!!

mdtrek [TypeKey Profile Page]:

U should not have joined the club in the first place.
I used to hate waiting on members. If they didn't know anything much about the club they would not get any help.

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