I Love/Hate Panther Mail

In 10.2 Mail, the only AppleScripts you could run were found in the system wide Script Menu (and that is only if you decide to "install" it) In Panther Mail, as in Panther's Address Book, there is a Script Menu next to the Window Menu. Handy huh? Panther Mail's AppleScript Dictionary is also even bigger then 10.2's Mail. Mail Scripts 2.0 (now final) are great additions to Mail's Script Menu. You should check them out if you have not already. Mail's Junk Mail Filter has grown a lot since 10.2. Although I highly encourage you to turn if off, and install POPFile or SpamSieve. Both of these products do a much better job at classifying the SPAM then Mail's Junk Mail Filter, it is ineffective in comparison to POPFile or SpamSieve. Mail might be bayesian, but it is of another flavor of bayesian. I personally think Apple should buy Michael Tsai's SpamSieve and incorporate it into Mail. But, if you do not want to install any 3rd party software to handle junk mail, at least use the Junk Mail Filter. Panther Mail adds a "trust junk mail headers" check box, which, BTW, can be manually added as a rule, if you know what the junk mail header looks like. But as Apple is great at making things easier to use, you now have that check box. Panther Mail also allows you to use your Address Book as a whitelist, meaning address in your Address Book are never spam. This can be hazardous in some cases, and I would be weary of using this option. Being able to block the loading of images is a huge improvement, and a very nice feature of any email client. As I said earlier, the Organize by Thread feature is wonderful. Being able to forward an entire thread is also cool. I know both Eudora and Mozilla Mail (all flavors, such as Thunderbird) will show a thread, it is nice that now Mail has this capability. Saving attachments out of Panther Mail seems a lot nicer. You can now save all items at once, instead of getting a save dialog per item. Since Panther has built in .zip processing, zipped documents are unzipped when saved from an email. I cannot remember if Jaguar Mail had a Previous Recipients window (in the Window Menu), wonderful to be able to add those to your Address Book. One thing I do not understand is the number label on the Mail icon (in the Dock and App Switcher). It only shows the number of new emails in your inbox. I want it to show me all my new mail, including the ones I filter into my other folders. I figured by the 3rd major revision of Mail that would be changed, but it still has not been. I am sure I am not the only person that filters incoming mail to another folder. Apple needs to beef up Mail's rules. I should be able to specify more then one action to take. Entourage does this, I am pretty sure Eudora does this, and I have no doubt that Bare Bones's Mail Smith does this as well. What I mean is I should be able to filter emails with a subject of "Delivery Status Notification" and move it to the trash, and make the subject line red. Currently I can do one of the two, not both. If you could perform multiple actions in one rule, SpamSieve would work even better in Mail. Weak filtering and weird (IMO) notification number labeling are not reasons for me to go to any of the other email client. I have moved from pine to Eudora to Entourage to Mail and I am not moving on any time soon. I seriously looked at Mail Smith but then decided I just liked the UI of Mail more.

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Have you tried Thunderbird Mail? There's an OS X build of that if you want to check it out. It's the best client (for Windows) that I've ever used.

When I said "Mozilla Mail" I was refering to all flavors :=D .

My largest problem with Thunderbird is the fact that it is so new, such an infant. And to be perfectly honest, I have a real big problem with the browser based email clients in general.

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