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At the core of Adobe's Creative Suite strategy is the unity, integration, and simultaneous release of its major design applications. Photoshop CS (version 8) is a broad and deep upgrade to the company's anchor image editor. Despite its low-key presentation -- its interface is almost the same as version 7's -- it has amazing new tools for Photoshop's traditional users. New features, subtly sprinkled throughout the program, dramatically enhance those users' capabilities and control over their images. Photographers, artists, graphic designers, Web designers, and video specialists will see significant improvements in their images and in the imaging process, but there's no burdensome learning curve....

Photoshop CS is an awesome upgrade for every type of Photoshop user. Its slick, user-friendly new features make a huge difference in both productivity and image quality. This version is too good to pass up.

Source: Macworld Great review! I couldn't agree more. I sure like this upgrade, more so then Photoshop 6 or 7, to be exact. I earlier wrote about the Adobe CS suite shortcomings, of which I need to add, but after using Photoshop CS for a little while now I have little to rant about. The last version of Photoshop I got this exited about was version 5 (for the history palette) and 5.5 (for the revamped text tool). Of course I can no longer scan bank notes. How stupid! What if I need to use a $20 bill in some artwork for a client? I guess that is why I have a CD with Photoshop 7 on it. My favorite new features of Photoshop CS: snappier then Photoshop 7 in OS X. Match Color is very handy, as is Shadow/Highlight. Text on a path is a nice touch, finally. The File Browser is much improved, and its got a bunch of new features that I find myself using more and more. Something else I have been using more and more is the Layer Comps palette, that thing is sweet!

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