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Movable Type 2.65 was released 12.22.2003 and I rushed to install it, a lot faster then I got around to installing 2.64, thats for sure. Since I do not own a dedicated server, I cannot have one single MT install for all the MT sites I host. So I have to install the update on 6 sites. This is not something that gets done quickly. On 01.14.2004 2.66 and then 2,661 is released. The new features are all comment spam based, and I should upgrade. I just don't think I am going to get to it for a while. At least not on all the MT installs I am hosting. It has been less then a month, and both of these updates have big(ish) changes in them. And Six Apart is bating us with the release of MT 3.0 to boot. I have a couple things to say about 3.0: Nothing really spectacular. Comment registration is not the answer. I would never require people to register to comment. This is not a message board, this is a blog.

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