Talk about low prices on digital music! This site sells music based on popularity. The more popular the song/album, the more it costs. It is a shame its WMA based, but why would it be anything else? So if you are a Windows user, this might be something to check into. They do have independent music in MP3 though. They have a rather extensive FAQ page to read though. The site has a couple ways of paying, interesting is the option to use a PayPal account. My only question is this: Can you burn these WMA tracks out to CD as a red book audio CD? I am not familiar at all with using Windows Media Player. I am a Mac user and have an iPod but would love to pay on average 30 cents a track for my tunes. Does anyone burn audio CDs out of Windows Media Player? Here is an price comparison: I would consider OutKast to be "popular" especially with "Hay Ya!" From the iTMS it costs $19.98 for the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below 2 disc set. I know this because it is the latest thing I have bought from the iTMS. From the same album costs $11.20. The song "Hay Ya!" is a mere 34 cents! Music Rebellion only has the edited version, but thats a difference of $8.78. Music Rebellion does have many albums that have all the swearing in them, just not in this example. What I find odd is finding artists like Metallica who are not on the iTMS at all. I wonder if there are any other such discrepancies. Be sure to read the comments on this post over at BlogCritics.

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You would be surprised how DUMB some Mac users are. This ailment does not just affect PC users my friend.

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