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Steve Jobs said today at the Macworld Keynote that the $50 spent on the iPod Mini (the difference between then high end $199 flash based MP3 players) is the best $50 spent. Well hells bells! The best $50 spent is going from the $250 iPod Mini (4 GB) to the $300 iPod (15 GB). Or does no one else see that? I think, just like most Apple products, the $250 for the iPod Mini is too high. It is not worth buying at that price, especially since Apple has made the 15 GB iPod $300. Of course this is not the first time Apple has done this. They do this with the iBook and PowerBook line as well. It is rather obvious why they take this tactic. If the cost to get the "next better model" is a small enough margin, people will pony up the cash to get the next better model. That is just smart business. There is nothing wrong with that. I just wish that sometimes there was a bigger gap between the products, meaning the lower end products were a little cheaper. Don't you think the iPod Mini would sell better at $200? It might, but the 15 GB iPod will sell better because of the price point of the iPod Mini. While I am on the subject of Apple products being too expensive: Why the hell does it cost $60 for a friggin' one button wireless mouse from Apple? Hello?

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Or how about that keyboard! $90! At least that is what it costs when I had to replace the one I spilled tea in back in 2001...

I personally think that Apple made a big mistake by not making a "solid state" mini iPod. I looked around at prices for "solid state" mp3 players and found quite a few 256MB players for ~$150. I don't know where Job's was looking, but he didn't look very hard.

I agree with you on the $250 to $300 difference. Why bother spending $250 for the lowly 4GB iPod when you can get 15GB for an extra $50! I have a feeling that this might just backfire on Steve. (I secretly hope so anyway...)

I was really looking forward to a cheaper mini iPod to get my wife. However, $249 is not "cheaper" in my mind.

Oh well, leave it to Apple!

The new keyboard is 60$ as well, but that is still insane.

Not as insane as 90$, but still insane.


Before you off half cocked, you should actually go and look and test out the mini ipod before deciding. I'm sure there were many people who thought the original ipod was over-priced ... it's all perspective ... for most people who graduated college and have been working for a while, either ipod is anywhere from a couple hours salary to half a day - hell, I waste that much time everyday so for me, $199 to $299 is ALL the same. It's more expensive than 10 cups of Starbucks but it'll last much longer so price is NOT even a factor. I have a couple ipods already but I'll buy a couple of the mini ipods for when I'm skiing or for overnight trips.

As for the mouse, one button mouse ALL THAT I NEED.

If you need more, buy another mouse - you have dozens of choices from $19.99 to $150.

Homer Simpson:

"If you need more, buy another mouse - you have dozens of choices from $19.99 to $150."

Gee, I'm real glad you're satisfied with Apple's Fisher-Price/Playskool/Sesame Street kiddie mouse. Too bad that the one-button mouse is a dinosaur waiting for someone to tell it that the Ice Age has come and gone.

Yeah, we can buy another mouse, but Step #1 of setting up a Mac should NOT be "Throw mouse in garbage and spend MORE money on a decent mouse."

Just another hidden, extra cost of using a Mac.


20 years , and I still don't need more than one mouse button.

I you need suggestions on what to do with that other finger, I could give you a couple.


Ok here is the real problem with the new ipod mini. It ignores the low end MP3 market. The ones who can't affored 250 for something like that. Apple should have re-released the old 5G iPod and a 100 bucks a pop or less. This would easily break them into the College student market and more windows users would get them because some of the biggest problems windows users have with mac's is cost.

But that is the real problem with the mini. Good product Wrong idea. I don't see this bringing apple into anynew markets


Kid rather liked the iPod mini but as I have an original 4GB iPod and a new 20GB iPod, don't see the need thou it is cute.

Mouse, best mouse I've used is a Microsoft Intellimouse which works with a Mac. Sometimes MS does something right and that mouse is it.


5GB, typo sorry.

My dad just got the new MS mouse from a firend, he had the last one and the improvements are great. the sideways scrolling rocks. but the thing that is really improved is the scrolling. it is no longer jerky, it is now smooth scrolling, really nice.

i would get it exept for the fact that i have a Logitech MX 700 that i really like.

I agree with the point about not having to buy a good mouse for my mac! Even if Apple introduced a standard 2 button mouse (how long have PC's come with them....always) that would hold me over for a while. I would not have to go out and buy a mouse right away. All i want is a 2 button mouse out of the box. then I can use the contextual menus without using a modifyer key.

and why not a built to order option, Apple has many other BTO things when you order a Mac, why not have the option of getting a 1 or 2 button mouse?

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