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Since I blog so much about Panther and the iPod and iTunes, they now have their own sections. This site is getting more and more organized all the time! I have a few people I would like to thank, for code snippets, and other help recently. It is mainly due to the fact that I am lazy and don't want to look up the code in the MT manual :-P. Thanks Jake ( for exporting my posts from when I needed refuge, mainly my rant about DVD playback in Windows. Thanks Andy Baio ( for the code snippet that allows me to have my own blogroll. If anything, I enjoy the shorter load times thanks to it not being an external include. And I can deal with not having it show the most recently updated blogs. I hope that does not get hacked again, but I am not going to be using the service since I can so easily create lists of links with the code from Andy. Thanks. You should have noticed by now that I have a "Breaking News" section in the right column that I will be posting things of interest, but do not have time to comment on. Thanks Philip (W6 and Blogcritics) for the code to improve my Recent Comments section, and for the tip on making it its own Index Template so it shows correctly on the entire site.

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