Odd OS 9 Firewire HD Behavior

I must admit, it has been some time since I have used OS 9. I took my 250 GB Lacie HD to a friend's house who is not yet using OS X (shame on them). As I mentioned before, the Panther "Windows Format" does not work at all in Jaguar, but I was happy to see it does mount in OS 9. It wanted to rebuild the desktop, which is all too common in OS 9. I said OK, and I should not have! It could not rebuild the drive. When it got to the end of the progress bar it just stopped. So I had to cancel. Now there are some 3000 FINDER.DAT files on the drive, and plugging the drive into OS 9 and rebuilding was the only thing I did which could have caused this. All I can say is thanks to the folks at the Macworld forums and the terminal! Cuz this killed them all:
find /Volume/HDName -name FINDER.DAT -exec sudo rm -rf {} \;
So that is how to get rid of all those FINDER.DAT files that are supposed to be hidden (and not used in OS X if i recall). I think the big error was letting OS 9 try to rebuild a Windows formatted volume. That is the lesson for today. But then who uses OS 9? Apparently 60% of the Macintosh install base, based on Steve Jobs's Macworld 2004 Keynote.

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