OmniWeb 5 looks like a Safari Killer

A good friend of mine, Mary Beth, asked me what my favorite browser was. She was a little shocked when I did not reply 'Safari!' My favorite browser is OmniWeb. I have been an avid user since Mac OS X Server (the first version, otherwise known as Rhapsody). I even own a license to OmniWeb 4, that is how much I like it. OmniWeb 5 is coming out, and it addresses the one thing Safari has that OmniWeb 4 does not, tabs. The latest version of OmniWeb, 4.5, uses WebCore and JavaScriptCore just like Safari does. The way tabs look in OmniWeb 5 looks really interesting, as if they decided to innovate instead of just copy. The Workspaces in OmniWeb 5 also looks like a great feature! I can hardly wait to get OmniWeb 5 because I love using OmniWeb 4.5 so much, but end up using Safari just because of the tabs - even though I can block ads in OmniWeb. OmniWeb 4.5 added support for PDF as well as Flash and Shockwave, some things that were really lacking. Of course I actually *like* not having Flash all the time. But the edition of Adobe and Macromedia technologies made OmniWeb a little less of a "fringe" OS X browser. If you have not taken a look at OmniWeb, check it out! OmniWeb 4.5 also handles CSS much better (then it used to), since it is now using WebCore. Another note: OnmiWeb 4.5 uses your Keychain, so if you added the passwords in Safari, your good to go with OmniWeb.


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I'd been meaning to reinstall it after changing computers thanks to the other one getting stolen. Now, I really have to install it. Hope it fixes CSS, main problem being it didn't render my site correctly. Neither did Opera. It does have some really nice features aside from that.

OmniWeb 4.5 also handles CSS much better, since it is now using WebCore.


Tried both OmniWeb4.5 and Opera, OmniWeb being the winner, renders site correct now. Thanks.

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